Timepassages Pro App Reviews

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Great App! / Aplicativo incrível !

Im an Astrology student (and soon a Pro Astrologer) and Im amazed on the software accuracy and ease to use! Recommend to All astrologers and non-astrologers that would like to know more about oneself or to learn more about Astrology. I also have the TimePassages software for Mac and love it. Profissional , intelligent to use and affordable. Recomendo a todos os astrólogos e interessados em astrologia! Muito fácil de usar, dá para aprender muito e para se auto-conhecer (aos não-astrólogos). Estão constantemente atualizando versão. Tenho inclusive o software para Mac e na minha opinião é o melhor da categoria.

Could be better

I expected more for this price.... In general, the interpretation seem a bit superficial and I read some progressions that dont have interpretation at all. I like the menu and the General handling but in terms of content Im a little dissapointed.

Easy to use & understand

great that u also include Chiron interpretation but too bad that you do not support the interpretation for lunar nodes, asteroids nor P.O.F. hopefully soon? keep up the great work!

Love it!!!

Finally after downloading several apps over the past few years, each one a bit better but not quite "it", this one is the dream Ive been waiting for! Awesome graphics and so well done. The best is the choice of house system and the bi wheels... Im thrilled.


This app offers an enormous amount of information! I have two other astrology apps, one which is very good, but my preferred app is now this one. I like that it offers declinations, the lesser aspects, interpretations, orbs of influence, and many other fine additions. love it!!

Im so happy

Absolutely the best app of this type. I like it very much! Many thanks to the developers that make TimePassages Pro available for the iPhone.


Far beyond what I would have hoped to find in an iPhone app. Took a leap of faith to spend the $$, but well worth it!


This is the best of all the current apps for calculation, interpretation , graphics & general all round ease of using. A treat to use.. Thanks to the developers.

THE Best

This is one incredibly useful astrological tool, & by far, my favorite app, Ever! It is well made, user friendly, has many options that big expensive astrology programs have, & the interpretations are filled with useful insights that one can utilize, to make conscious choices. As a practicing, & continually studying & learning Astrologer, it must be known, I absolutely Love this app, & use it daily for myself, my family, & my clients. Thank You for such a useful product! Worth the fee, & then some. Well done! Thanks Again! Lani

Awesome App!

So much detail, and so accurate! Love this app, its worth every penny.

Great App

I love the synastry, the chart comparison, the interpretations. Accurate. Insightful. Detailed. Precise. I love the background. It makes you feel like you are going out into space every time you open the app. I also love the feature that enables you to put your friends pictures beside their charts. It makes it feel personal and human.

Great app!

Best product on Internet.

Stellar application

I have been using this application for the last few days and I simply love it, both professionally and personally. It outranks the other leading astrological application that I own. Being a psychological astrologer, I can easily say the interpretation texts are very accurate compared to the competition. I am waiting for the customizable orbs and the inclusion of the Vertex point for synastry work to give it a 5 star rating.

Very useful

I actually bought an iPhone just for this app and it was worth it! I can now do readings instantly wherever I am. As a professional astrologer this little app has opened up so many opportunities for readings while travelling and on the go.

Very Acurate

This is the best astrology app on the market other than Astrogold .

So useful!

I am simply loving this app, it is worth the money.

Time Passages

Love this App. Very easy to use. Worth the money!

Excellent astrology app!

A very comprehensive astrology app. It included progression, solar arc and transit charts. Visually stunning and accurate. Highly recommend this app. Well worth the cost!

Good app

This app will not receive a 5 star rating. But it isnt far off that mark. Its extensive and easy to use. A good app for charting, exploring and learning astrology, with its healthy glossary for reference. But its missing aspects like saturn vs mercury. And Id like to see Lilith in the interpretations.


Love this app to bits!!! but Im having issues with the DST selector sometimes I just have to hit LMT then DST a few times to get the glitch out It would be totally great too if you could have a switch in the options list that would allow people to see their sidereal charts as well! I have reason to believe it is becoming more prominent with the new age.. Seein as the current age is sidereal, not tropical... this app got me started onto astrology tho basically tho and I have much respect for what you fellas do here.

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