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Your app is broken. Fix pls. Also pls add sidereal astrology to the tools and aspects and things. I want to read this badly but it’s all wrong.

My go to astrology app

I love this app and the insight it gives me in my day to day life. I wish the UI would get spruced up though, it’s rather clunky and outdated.

Love the convenience!

This app is great, it’s super convenient to have on you at all times and it goes really in-depth explaining the aspects as well as the planets and houses the signs are in. I took off a star for there being no support on aspects to asteroids, smaller TNO’s, and Lilith. If you can get those aspects supported, 5 stars for sure!🙌🏼

Love this app!

08/31/18: Displays perfectly after the new update today 🙂 I do love this app and use it daily. Learn so much from it 🌌 Worth every penny to me. 08/10/18: After the last 2 updates this week, 1/4 of my screen is blank in daily horoscope and the aspects section of my natal chart. It’s only for mine. My families charts all display perfectly like they did before the updates. Very annoying to have to scroll more.

Latest update

I can no longer open this app and access the charts on it. What gives? Do you have a problem or do I?

So happy for background color options!!

This is my favorite app for looking at charts and transit info on my phone, however the black background literally made me nauseous. I know it sounds crazy but it did! So now they have a white background as a choice and the app is finally perfect!

Display issues, email support issue, No true lilith; missing interpretations

Updated review: Display issues with 2.42 professional version. In the recent update, there are display issues using your chart as the starting point to show Transits, Horoscope, Solar arc, Secondary Progressions, Comparisons, Bi-wheel and regular wheel charts, Aspects, Compatibility meter, Planets. All these displays now have less screen real estate because of two blank lines added to the bottom for no good reason, it’s an ugly bug that shortens the amount of data displayed vertically on the screen. This does not occur when you start from the Charts section, it only happens a for all displays when you start from your Chart section and pick any of these displays. Also, when sending an email to customer support using the built in Contact option from the app, it will crash the Mail and Time Passages app with a blank screen temporarily, making you wonder if your email was sent. Otherwise the new bi-wheel is nice looking, even though you can see less of it than before because of the clipped display viewport mentioned above. Also the Node Symbol shows up in interpretation pages where it was blank before. Still there are no interpretations for all objects mentioned in my original review. Original review: Whether you set mean or true node calculation, lilith is only computed from mean calculation. Interpretations are repeated for signs and planets that rule those signs. The graphics are nice, but hard to see all jumble of aspects. It would be great to touch a planet in the chart and only see it’s aspects overlayed, and have the other aspects on that chart hidden until you pick your finger back up, to make the chart aspects easier to see. No interpretations available for lunar nodes, or any of the asteroids or centaurs, vertex or fortuna.

Great product

Accurate and user friendly with an aesthetically pleasing chart display. Highly recommended.

Best astrology app out there!

I swear this app has been worth every penny. No other compares.

I want my $30 back

My personal chart is accurate, but other charts I have put in have the houses all shoved over one spot. I adjusted the orb degree, like a google search recommended, but that only fixed part of the problem. Other issues are the same that people have already reported in these reviews. How on earth can they charge this much for such a high rate of inaccuracy? Shame on them.


I love this app! Although, it would be nice if the synastry/compare charts options included interpretations of person a’s personal planets in person b’s houses, rather than having two separate interpretations for the planet in the sign and the symbolism of the house it is in.


Team, most summaries are awesome, particularly regarding aspects etc on birth charts. Here’s where I see a few needed improvements. 1. Have the same quality summaries for progressed charts rather than just breaking down the meaning of each planet/house etc, leaving everything up to the client to interpret. I purchased your software for those interpretations. 2. Let’s get those aspect summaries for nodes, pars, Lilith, vertex etc completes and accessible. 3. A couple mix ups. One I know of is Sun sextile Neptune summary in comparison chart is titled Sun sextile Neptune but the description is for Sun square Neptune Thank you,

Honestly not worth it

Paid $30 and they don’t even have descriptions for most stuff. Only the simple stuff. May as well have kept the free version. You can get everything on this app for free on different websites that have aspect calculators, transits, compatability. Just google.

Great App

The app is great. Very detailed and on point most days. The only issue I have is downloading the app to my new iPhone without having to buy it all over again. That’s expensive! Can you help?

GPS Not Working

Jus purchased the upgrade and I can’t get the GPS to work. For the price that I paid can some fix the issue.

Best Astrology App on the Market

Superb mobile app for a beginner in astrology. Would love the full desktop version. Steep price however tbh. Looking out for a sale 👀.

Comprehensive impressive and amazing

Everything right here...thank you!

No updates in two years. Fix the bugs

This is a good app, but should be a great app given the cost. Please fix the errors. See other reviews for the errors. I have the same ones

Insightful and easy to use

Time passages Pro is very well organized and user friendly. I value the depth of its astrological interpretations. The writer understands the spiritual builder process of the soul symbolized in the movement of the celestial bodies.

Immediate refund desired

After calculating my chart in the free version of this app, I decided to upgrade to pro for what was listed as 29.99. I was charged 50.00, nearly double the cost listed. Additionally, my chart in the pro version does not match what was calculated in the free version. I don’t want to pay for this faulty product.

Super Great App

Love the app! Great stuff. I would love the option to do a mid point comparison chart between partners and also explanations for north node, Lilith, and Eris. I wish those would be updated. Thanks so much for a wonderful app.

Time for new content updates

Will there be an update soon for new content? There are some features which only give limited descriptions (beyond the basics such as lunar nodes, aspects to lunar nodes, asteroids, etc).


This app can be quite wonderful. The layout is exceptional & user friendly. I'd like to see updates, since there is a charge for use. I've seen more than a few errors in aspect, or the aspect not listed. In all, a fun app!

i really wish this app supported sidereal astrology

honestly i would really like to have access to my sidereal astrology on here

Good App (as far as this amateur can tell)

I'm an amateur; nevertheless, I like the information, which has been insightful and accurate.

Extremely Thorough

Honestly more information than I can read most days. Very helpful.

Love it !

Comprehensive and insightful for keeping up with daily transits and learning more about your natal and synastry charts.

very useful and accurate

Aside from that I think it's extremely user friendly, easy to navigate. Definitely worth the money. I mainly use it for daily horoscope, and I'm very satisfied.


Not bad for price! Nice if it included Solar returns. The upgrades are more pricey.all in all not bad!

Time Passages Pro - Faulty charging

I have purchased the pro version thru the App Store. However, each time I attempt to use the new comparison features, it requests additional payment. So. I return to the App Store and click on the App. It opens and I return to TP and all goes well until the next time I attempt to use it. I cannot find any way to communicate with the developers other than this. When the app works, it is great, but this is VERY annoying.

Next best thing to a personal astrology session!

Definitely worth the $30 for the pro version. Gives you detailed natal charts for you and everyone you know as well as extremely short term and long term horoscopes! Great tool to navigate the complexities of astrology.


Really clean app with a TON of information. Love it

Very Informative App For Understanding Yourself

I have used Time Passages for about 4 years and I have never had complaints about it. It gives a glossary for all of the planets houses and zodiacs and transits so that you will have a better understanding of every aspect in your life. I always suggest to use your own intuition when reading your natal chart but if you don't have time or don't understand everything all the way, TP will give the closest and most honest description for everything you have questions for. I wish this app had a category for notes. Or a daily/weekly/monthly reminder. I highly recommend Time Passages and for people to use this to better understand themselves, the universe and others.


Vedic Astrology in an easy to use app. Yes!


i love love love

New planets and asteroids

Not many books on these and this gives a look, often for less than buying a book. To help learn about them.

Don't like it anymore

I have this app for a long time now, the more I use it the more I found it repetitive.

WOnderful to have this in your pocket!

I love this app and use it daily. I've studied and used astrology for over 4 decades and remember the days that we had to calculate charts by hand with a big ephemeris book aside. To have charts of many kinds pop up in seconds is miraculous. I find the interpretations very accurate with a humanitarian depth that is both microscopic and macroscopic at the same time, they have the insight of life experience. This app has enabled me to do readings on the fly and I when I read his interpretations they mirror mine and add aspects that broaden my understanding. I also own the desktop version as my go to work software of 6 that I have. This app packs a lot os information for $30 which only buys you a nice lunch. It's a small price to pay for so much profound information and attention to the growth of human consciousness. I thank you deeply for this gift. I only hope you are working to update this version as the new iOS 10 says that it will not work on the coming iOS 11. I'd love to see it able to be used in landscape position too! Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge.

Best Astro App for your phone

I've looked at a bunch of them. This one works best for me. I'm a newbie and this app is teaching me in a fun and informative way.

Use this app but would love to be able to print or email, any chance?

Useful! INformative!


This the best Astrology App absolutely love it. Very accurate and super detailed. This is great. Even see the next mercury retrograde coming up which is very helpful to me in my personal work. Wonderful, well invested $30

First Love

This has helped me and so many friends. I cannot be more thankful, for what this wisdom and knowledge app package continues to offer everyone.

Good Mobile App

Love the app and it's design. Editing could be better. Would love to see more info on the 4 quadrants and the 2 regions (North and South of Ascendant).

needs work

in settings when i toggle chiron to the off position it automatically reverts back on same with the planets and lunar nodes (which should be separated btw)


Great information and great explanations


I use this app daily and it not only helps me relate to those around me but also helps others understand astrology more clearly. This app does a great job integrating several components to complex astrology into one app. #fabulous ✨✨✨

Totally worth it!

TimePassages is an amazing, detailed little digital handbook! I use this app almost every day – it is one of the best purchases I've made in the last few years! If you're in astrology enthusiast, novice or expert, you want this app!

Not accurate!

Love this program, but there has been errors showing planets in the wrong signs. In the chart. Also, you can't do a composite chart.

Great for beginners - very insightful

I'm a beginner in astrology and really appreciate this app. I read it every day!

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